Perfection Personified


"I thought it would be wise if we did it now." Snake smiled, “I’m not as tired as you think though… You managed to drain me quite much." Snake sat up and hugged Gemini, “We might want to get our clothes first though."

-Gemini smiled and chuckled.- Alright. And I was just saying. I don’t want you to use all your energy. -He hugged Snake back and kissed his lips.- Let’s get the clothes we wore before. Using clean ones would be a waste for laundry.


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-Gemini lightly chuckled and kissed Snake back.- We should… Do you want to shower now or later? I don’t mind either way. -Gemini rested on Snake’s chest. He smiled and grabbed Snake’s hand.- We may need to shower later though. You sound sleepy.

shadowmanbeingweird said: *starts to sink in his shadow while following you. Stops at his neck. It looks like you're being followed by a severed head*

-Gemini ignores it. He doesn’t seem to be very amused by it.-

shadowmanbeingweird said: Are we there yet?

I already said we’re almost there. Seriously, what were you laughing about?

shadowmanbeingweird said: *stays quiet while following you but starts snickering* Hey. Gem. Are we there yet?

Almost. What the hell are you laughing about? -Gemini sneered at Shadow.-

shadowmanbeingweird said: Okay.. Where's the um training place again?

Just follow me… -Gemini rolled his eyes.-

shadowmanbeingweird said: Ugh. *follows*

Hey, I don’t want to get yelled at by the Doctor about making a mess in a place we weren’t supposed to spar in. If you want to fight me, you’re going to have to listen to me before I let you at me.